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Manual export ok but batch convert KO

darrepac Global Mapper User


When I manually export a shp file to gpx, it works ok. Extract of the resulted GPX:

 <trkpt lat="45.93071256" lon="3.69389787"></trkpt>

 <trkpt lat="45.93037938" lon="3.69383392"></trkpt>

When I batch convert multiple shp files, including the one above, the GPX output is not correct, extract:

trkpt lat="46" lon="4"></trkpt>

 <trkpt lat="46" lon="4"></trkpt>

Like if the lat/long were rounded without any decimal... any hint?

Files attached


  • bmg_mike
    bmg_mike Global Mapper Guru Moderator, Trusted User

    What version of GM are you using? There was a bug that was fixed in v22.1.2 that caused batch conversion to GPX to round to the nearest degree. It should be fixed in any version after that.

  • darrepac
    darrepac Global Mapper User

    indeed, I am with a version before!

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