Global Mapper v25.0

near real time Lidar project and visualisation

sjf Global Mapper User

Here an example of a project I am working on to produce near real time elevation mapping and produce changemaps on the fly. A changemap is the difference between to sets of elevation data of the same area. By subtracting the Gridded data in a standard way the changes in height become visible.

No change (about +/- 1 cm ) is made transparent: so when there are no changes you see a transparent map.

The maps are made based on lidar drone surveys very short time apart: 15 minutes. The aim is to find the operational settings of flying the drone, lidar settings, lidar data processing, gridding, and producing thee changemap: all on the fly within 15 minutes.

The maps are used in emergency situations (levee collapse) but this technique can be useful in any situation where changes have to be mapped.

GM is used as the primary GIS program and used for visualisations using the 3D mapping options.