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Grid displacement (shift)

sjf Global Mapper User

Hi Mike,

Please look into this:

When I have LAS data and convert this to a GM-grid and tick the box - save to GMG: the saved GMG will be aligned to the grid (meters) as set in settings). But when I do this in two steps (first the grid results then save that to GMG and load that grid) the resulting GMG is NOT aligned to the grid.

I can shift to align - but this shift can not be saved.

This applies also to Analysis - Raster calculations: you have to go two steps and the GMG grid will not align. No way to save the GMG as an aligned grid.

When using cross-sections: the mis-aligned visual data is used so the cross sections are misaligned too, until the shift is made. (No way to save this in a file, maybe in the GM project but you have to realign the grid in a new project).

The DATA: this is OK. It just seems to be a visual misalignment. (I recalculated some grids by hand to verify)

I think this as a BUG: All GMG saves should be aligned to / snapped to Grid if set so in settings.

Can you please look into this!




  • bmg_mike
    bmg_mike Global Mapper Guru Moderator, Trusted User

    Hi Stefan,

    I am able to reproduce this and have made GM-13237 to investigate.



  • sjf
    sjf Global Mapper User

    thanks! Looking forward...