Global Mapper v25.0

Layer display is much longer to update with v23.0 than with 22.1

I recently updated v22.1 to 23.0. I noted that v23 is much, much longer for changing the displayed layers. Every time I check or unchex a box in the control center panel it takes at least 10 seconds, sometimes much more, to update the view. This happens for any layer, from a vector with 2 points to a 64 Bit raster.

I thought that my gmw file may be too big (but it is only 100 Mb), or it calls too many raster files, or it has too many layers of different projection (half UTM, half geographic or equirectangular). I also checked that the memory (RAM 64 Gb) never gets saturated.

Then I used the same gmw file with v22.1. All the layers open or close without any delay at all. Fluid.It seems that it is really related to v23.

I noted this for all my gmw files. The problem stays. Is there any remedy ? Thanks if someone can help!