Global Mapper v25.0

CALC_VOLUME_BETWEEN_SURFACES Use of polygon clipping


I am trying to use the CALC_VOLUME_BETWEEN_SURFACES function to calculate some volumes of certain areas within different polygons. I cant use CLIP_COLLAR_POLY which is a shame as this would work well for the polygons that are already DEFINE_SHAPE in the code. I know the AREA_FILENAME parameter exists but i dont want to call an external file as this code will be used by another person.

Is there a way to hard code the bounds?


  • I could not find a solution to this, so used the following in case anyone is interested.


    My areas.dxf was autogenerated in a previous step and exported prior to this line of code.

    I changed to a dxf rather than shp to be simpler and less associated files. You may need a areas.prj file in the same folder as areas.dxf

    Still would be good to add the CLIP_COLLAR_POLY as a feature for this. Would save using an external file.