Global Mapper v24.1

View in the 3d window

Why does selecting and de-selecting portions of a point cloud in the 2d window or path profile window change the view in the 3d window. It will often zoom the view out and change the pivot axis. Is this a known bug?


  • JeffH@BMG
    JeffH@BMG Global Mapper Developer Trusted User

    Hi williedoer,

    I didn't see any bugs reflecting this behavior, and I was unable to reproduce it. What version of Global Mapper are you using?

    Best bet is to contact Blue Marble Geographics Support directly via e-mail (, and provide a detailed workflow along with some sample data that will reproduce the problem.

    Best regards,


  • williedoer
    williedoer Global Mapper User

    It happens when you are zoomed far in to the 3d window and make a selection in the 2d window or/and zoom out or pan in the 2 window. It zooms the 3d window far out again and changes the focal point. It doesn't happen every time but it will happen after making several different selections in the 2d window.

    I will send it to the geohelp....thx.

  • williedoer
    williedoer Global Mapper User

    I am using 23.0