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Global Mapper Pro v23.1 Beta!

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Global Mapper Pro v23.1 Beta is now open! You will have access to the beta release starting today with a license that is valid until February 15, 2022. Please use this time to thoroughly test the software, with a specific focus on the newly added functionality. You can contact the Blue Marble testing team by email at with questions, concerns, or if you need more information.

Follow the link below to download a copy of Global Mapper and Global Mapper Pro v.23.1 with the beta license:

Release Notes for Global Mapper Pro 23.1 Beta:

  • Pipe Buffers: A new 3D buffer tool to create a buffer that fully encases a Line Feature
    • Located in right-click menu with selected Line Feature: Advanced Feature Creation Options>PIPE BUFFERS
  • Cylindrical Buffers: A new 3D buffer tool to create a Cylindrical Buffer to
  • surround the sides of a vector feature.
    • Located in right-click menu with selected Vector Feature: Advanced Feature Creation Options>CYLINDRICAL BUFFER
  • 3D View Sphere Buffer: In the Viewshed Setup Dialog, there is a new option under the View Radius settings to Generate View Sphere Buffer
  • Attribute Editor Sorting and Reordering: The order of attribute columns in the Attribute Editor can now be applied to the attribute list of Features.
    • After reordering the Attribute Columns in the Attribute Editor, use the Update Feature Attribute Order button at the end of the Editor toolbar to apply the new order to Features.
  • Contour Generation Now Includes Lidar: Lidar data can be used with the Generate Contours tool.
    • Located in the Analysis Menu
  • Mobile Data Management: Global Mapper Mobile Data can now be accessed and managed directly in Global Mapper with linked mobile devices.
    • The button for Mobile Data Management is located on the Tools toolbar and dropdown menu.
  • Save and Load Element Blocks- Map Layout Editor: New functionality for the Map Layout Editor that allows users to save and import blocks of elements in the Layout Editor.
    • Located in the File Menu of the Map Layout Editor
  • Spatial Operations Updates: New dialog layout, and Transforms have been added to the tool.
    • New dialog layout now separates Operations, Predicates, Transforms (new), and Scripting into their own tabs.
    • Transform functionality has been added to the Spatial Operations tool in a new tab
  • 3D Volumes to Visualize Line Width: A new line style option has been added to the Line Styles dialog. If lines are using the Meters (Fixed-width, Ground) option, a checkbox below that setting will allow the lines to appear in 3D as 3D Volumes.
  • Script Editor New Tab Interface: Multiple Scripts being loaded into the Editor are now organized as tabs for ease of use.
  • Support for Streaming Lidar with EPT (Entwine) Interface
  • Alpha Shape- New Create 3D Model Option: A new Method for creating a 3D model from Lidar Points. This Method offers 2D, 2,5D and 3D Mesh Creation.
    • This new Method is located in the Create 3D Model dialog opened from the button on the Lidar toolbar.
  • Lidar Segmentation Update:
    •  New RGB Color variable is now available in the Lidar Segmentation Dialog.
    • Lidar Segment ID Controls: A new Segment ID Settings dialog has been added to the Lidar Segmentation tool. This new dialog can be used to reassign segment IDs and also exclude IDs from the Segmentation process. New button Segment ID(s) Settings

If you have reported an issue to our Support Team in an earlier version of Global Mapper, please attempt to reproduce your error.

Reporting an Error

If you encounter any errors, please contact and include the following information:

  • Description of the error/undesirable behavior
  • Workflow to reproduce the error
  • Data used (or sample/dummy data in the case of any proprietary datasets)
  • Report error messages with as much available text as can be copied, or a screenshot.
  • Expected behavior

Including as much of this information as possible will ensure that we can get a detailed report to our development team and resolve your issue promptly. Updated builds will be released throughout the beta testing period, so if you encounter a problem that stops your testing, we’ll try to get a fix out as soon as possible.

Your participation is greatly appreciated. Thank you for continuing to help improve Global Mapper.

Thank you,

Beta Team.

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