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vertex display customization

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Is there any way that I can select specific vector features to show vertices on? For example, I have a map with continent outlines and a multisegment profile, and I'd like to have the vertices show on the profile but not on the continents.


  • JSL
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    Is there a way to create points on a line only at the vertices? That might help also. That way I could use the points to create labels on the map which would match the vertices on the profile.

  • bmg_mike
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    There is an option on the Vector Display -> Rendering tab of the Configuration dialog to 'Always render vertices for selected features'. If you check that you can then just select the features with the Digitizer Tool to see the vertices.

    You can also create point features from the vertices of selected features using the Digitizer Tool option under Advanced Feature Creation Options to Create Points from Selected Area and Line Features.



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  • JSL
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    Thanks, I didn't know that creating points from selected lines automatically created points at the vertices. That's exactly what I needed.