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smoothing profiles (middle point line)

sjf Global Mapper User

Hi Mike,

Catching up and read the improved cross-section functionality: really great job!

it is now possible to have cross-sections at intervals and over all elevation data!! great!

Question - request:

Would it be possible to draw the cross-sections over the middle-point of the raster-cell and not draw the raster cell (stepping stones). Lines will be more smooth and easier to distinguish (and if a layer is just below an other layer it is more easy to see.

second; would it be possible to display the scale at which the cross-section is printed using Auto scale (for every cross section if at intervals).




  • sjf
    sjf Global Mapper User

    to awnser my own question:

    I don't know why my first profiles were blocked - following the raster elevations like stepping stones. Now with a new set I see all lines smoothed (and I can adjust colors, format etc.

    So I will keep exploring.

    great addition!

  • bmg_mike
    bmg_mike Global Mapper Guru Moderator, Trusted User

    Hi Stefan,

    I'm guessing that you had the Resampling for the layer on the first profiles set to 'Nearest Neighbor', so you saw the stepping stones. By default, terrain will use Bilinear Interpolation.

    The cross profiles will likely have multiple samples in a single cell (depending on the spacing settings for the profile and the length of the profile). If the resampling is set to Bilinear, you should get a smooth output regardless of the number of samples.

    For the scale display, would you want the ratio shown as Z / dist or dist / Z?



    Global Mapper Guru

  • sjf
    sjf Global Mapper User

    First of all Mike: you did an extremely good job on the profiles. I have processed (automatically) 1.000s of standardized profiles for quick reference and this looks super.

    Scale display: in the settings you can choose auto or a scale setting (1 on 500 p.e.) - would be great if this scale is referenced in the graph so you can set a fixed value to match.

    I now present the cross-sectiosn with 100 meters by 12 (height) so the graph shows upper and lowe values (10 and 0) (if I choose 0 and 10 they don't show up in the graph (or do I miss something). I guess that wil also use a certain scale - but some graphs are odd graphs (pe with lots of vegetation spikes).

    ( I will post some suggestions for use and processing / referencing Cross sections seperately: I will first catch up with what you did already).

    cheers Stefan.