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where to set or change defaul 3D sceen capture size

sjf Global Mapper User


I am making a series of 3D screen captures and they all should have similar size settings: 1920 by 1080 (video frame size 16by9 full HD).

I have to change the setting by hand every time (it is not fixed after the first change).

It has a button: restore default - but where do I set / change / adjust the default setting?

(will script the process later - so the more I can fix on a value the better: I don't want to script these sceen settings as well).




  • bmg_mike
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    Hi Stefan,

    I took a look and found that the Screen Capture dialog did not remember the user set resolution when invoked from the 3D view. The Default Size is the current size of the 3D display.

    I've fixed this so the next v23.0.x daily build (probably day after tomorrow) will have this fixed.



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  • sjf
    sjf Global Mapper User

    thanks a million!