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Raster calculations: use same raster spacing

sjf Global Mapper User


I use compare rasters to calculate the difference in height between two rasters (raster 2 minus raster 1). Both rasters have the same raster size and spacing: in this case 5 cm raster size exactly on the meter grid.

When I use compare terraine layers I get a raster that is 2,5 cm off-set. So It calculates the differences from 4 cells?

What I want is a raster that is exactly on top of the raters and compares only the value in the two cells: nothing more nothing less.

See image: Color is the CALCULATED GRID and raster is selected CELL from grid 2 (both 1 and 2 are similar cells). The resulting calculated grid is offset (gray - white-greens cells...). The result should match the base grids.

HOW DO I FORCE GM to use the same grid spacing and positioning and calculation?

Cheers Stefan

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