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problems printing fromGlobal Mapper v23.0.0 (b091721) (602) [64-bit]- REGISTERED on windows

Drainage Global Mapper UserTrusted User

I get a printing error when I try to print a map on v23.0 works fine on version 15 LMK


  • Drainage
    Drainage Global Mapper User Trusted User

    Global Mapper v23.0.0 (b091721) (602) [64-bit]- REError printing data

    Assertion Failed

    Dlgv32View_Print.cpp - 1022

    Version: v23.0.0 (602) (64-bit)

    Build Time: Sep 17 2021 15:07:50

    Thread: Main UI Thread

    Stack Trace:

    0000000140B93550 (global_mapper)

    0000000140B94B60 (global_mapper)

    000000014106871C (global_mapper)

    0000000141069B1E (global_mapper)

    00000001406E1955 (global_mapper)

    00007FF862695925 (mfc140)

    00007FF86268C238 (mfc140)

    00007FF8626A2184 (mfc140)

    00007FF8626A1A5F (mfc140)

    00007FF86269F21E (mfc140)

    00007FF86269F604 (mfc140)

    00007FF862547EE1 (mfc140)

    00007FF8ACEAE7E8 (USER32)

    00007FF8ACEAE36C (USER32)

    00007FF8ACEC0F93 (USER32)

    ... (31 Additional Stack Items Hidden)

    Windows 10 Home (64-bit) Memory: 8,429,678,592 of 16,832,114,688 available, GDI Usage: 547 GDI (Peak 687), 254 User (Peak 355)


  • bmg_mike
    bmg_mike Global Mapper Guru Trusted User

    Can you first try getting the latest v23.0.x daily build from and see if that fixes your issue?

    If not, as a workaround you could export to PDF, then print that outside of Global Mapper.



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