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Fixed position - fixed spaced Grid to fill (lidar elevations)

sjf Global Mapper User

I need to use a grid spacing that is fixed in size and position.

The grid will be filled with Lidar points (drone lidar of a small area) - so I can compare various runs. All values with in a grid cell I want to compare (runs) - in this case I am interested in changes in elevation over time.

Note: time can be very short: less than a second - and or 5 minutes, 30 minutes, hours - days.

In order to monitor changes - the grid position and spacing should be exactly the same: So I have te make that grid and fill it - or I have to be able to set the grid position and size every time I convert the lidar points to the grid.

(NOTE: there will be lots of empty cells - but that's not a problem) (later the gridded cells migt be converted agian to center points with height value.

HOW do I make a grid to specifications - could be an empty grid - ad or how do i specify the position of the grid (size is basically no problem and can be set).

Preferably I should be set on meters (integers).

I work in the Netherlands and use Dutch RD and meters. WGS is fine, as long as i can set the position of the grid to fill as a fixed position in x,y corner.

NB - used to be an active GM user (version 12) and back on the old nest for a project, It's been 10 years or so, so my reflexes are a bit rusty (And i think I used ESRI before to design fixed integre (meter) grid positioning before...



  • sjf
    sjf Global Mapper User

    Just figured it out: had to set the global (project) projection to Dutch RD (WGS) and all falls in meters grid and alligns.

    (Just a little bit rusty...)