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Splitting vector based on direction and/or distance


I'm not very well versed with GM, so I'm hoping someone here can shine some rays of enlightenment on me.

I have a vector created from raster data, and I am trying to divide and split this single vector into multiple vectors. However, I am trying to do this split in the direction/angle the vector is at. I would like to split them going the same way and possibly at a set distance (1m) in that direction. I've tried various functions such as subdivide, but it seems to only break up the vector using straight horizontal and vertical lines which is not what I'm looking for.

I think because I am new here, I don't have image attaching privileges? I've linked my ref image through imgur with a space in it so it can be posted. Hopefully, this image conveys what it is I'm trying to achieve.


If anyone has any ideas of how to achieve this it would be much appreciated.


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