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Adding attributes to give correct label of a ."csv" File map display

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GMV22.1. How do I add an attribute that will display as a point number on "Labels" on a list of 60 (or 500) localities of Eastings and Northings opened as an Exccel ."csv" file? I can display a number by selecting <Index on Layer> in "Use Selected Attribute Value" in "Labels", but by default the first pair appear as number 0, point 2 as 1 etc. I can edit every point individually by selecting on the map with the Digitizer toll and changing the "Name" to the correct point number. How can I avoid having to do each point seperately?

(I also notices that one must exit the "csv:" file in Excel or the file will not open in G Mapper.)




  • Hi, NEW!

    Take a screenshot of your point attribute table. I'll see.

  • NEV
    NEV Global Mapper User Trusted User

    Hi tikhpetr,

    Thanks for the offer. Composite image attached showing:

    1. csv file extract
    2. Feature Information of point 1 labelled "0" as "Index in Layer" and displayed as "0" on the map - but I want it to be "1" on map and all subsequent to be numerically 1 more higher etc..
    3. Layer info as it appears when Split in Control Centre..

    Sorry, keep getting Error Code 403 on this page when I try to paste or upload the image or file.

    Have cleared cache but still not allowing paste.


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