Global Mapper v25.0

Extract profile of perpendicular lines


I have a pipeline route for which I need to estimate the cumulative length above a certain slope limit (both longitudinal & lateral/side). The former is straightforward but figuring out the best way for the latter.

For the route using "Advanced Feature Creation Options" and then "Created Perpendicular Lines Spaced....". This creates a series of perpendicular lines for which I can use GM to calculate slope & elevation statistics.

However, the slope statistics are not quite correct it seems, or least I want to get the slope of a longer distance as its more realistic for our purpose (I assume GM slope is calculated over the input grid size & can't be edited).

For this it would be best to export the individual elevation vs distance data for each perpendicular line - does anyone know if this is possibl

Note: I've also tried using the Path Profile, then Settings, then Perpendicular profiles - which is great for visually seeing the data but requires a LiDAR license to use the export data function it seems.



  • I do not have the Lidar Module but was able to export the perpendicular profiles within the Path Profile window via File > Save Cross-Profile Series

    Alternatively you can use File > Save Path to DXF (or DWG) and then choose All Cross Profiles from the list. The only downside on this method is that the profile would need to be rotated in 3D to be viewed the same.

  • Hi @sphillips

    That option does not appear no mine. I am using GM v21.1. And to confirm; which method did you use to create the perpendicular lines - 1) Advanced Feature Creation Options --> Create Perpendicular lines...., or through the Path Profile tool? I assume its the latter. I checked with both but dont have that option.


  • Hi @aa2105

    The options are definitely available in GM v21.1.0 - I have just installed that version and tested it.

    1. Create a Path Profile
    2. In the Path Profile/Line of Sight window go to Path Setup > Path Profile Settings
    3. Check the option to Display Series of Profiles Perpendicular to Path and specify your preferences
    4. In the Path Profile/Line of Sight window go to File > Save DXF File
    5. Enter a name
    6. Choose All Cross Profiles from the dropdown