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Search Vector Data tool does not appear (related to Windows11?)

uso800 Global Mapper User

Hi. I currently am unable to access to "Search Vector Data tool" in Global Mapper and wish if anyone could provide me any point I should test/check to isolate the source of the issue.

Global Mapper v23.0.1 (b112321) (20) (64-bit), Windows 11 (21H2 22000.318), Microsoft's Windows Defender

When I click [Search menu]-[Search by Attribute ...], only "Attribute Editor" dialog pops up and "Search Vector Data" dialog does not appear. Pressing "Search" button on the Attribute Editor also does not show any response so that I could not access to the Search Vector Data tool.

The symptom might be related to my recent upgrade of the OS from Windows 10 to Windows 11, (and/or) GM from v22 to v23. There is no problem with using "Search by Name" dialog (could be launched from Search Menu as usual) or the Attribute Editor (except for launching the Search Vector Data dialog). I also re-installed GM v23 (and rebooted the os several times) but has no effect.

Any suggestions?


  • uso800
    uso800 Global Mapper User

    Things resolved! Seems to have related with a NVIDIA video driver (for GeForce 1050Ti graphic card), which I did not update when upgrading the os from Win10 to Win11.

    The "Search Vector Data" dialog revived like a charm soon after updating the NVIDIA graphics driver to the latest one (v496.76).

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