Global Mapper v24.0

possible to script the Pixel-is-area checkbox ?

LeanneL Global Mapper User

Hello, I'm new to scripting (for Global Mapper) and I'm trying to find out if it is possible (and how-to) script the check box checked (or not) for "Pixel-is-area" option under the configuration->general options->Export Configuration->Terrain export.

I'm trying to script exports from a GMTED2010 7.5 arcsecond data file to a float elevation grid, and if I don't have this checked, it ends up off by a half pixel, so I would like "force" it checked via the script...


  • LeanneL
    LeanneL Global Mapper User

    forgot to add I'm using GM v19 64bit, and I've searched through a lot of the documentation but haven't yet found how to set the "pixel-is-area" checked/unchecked

  • sjf
    sjf Global Mapper User

    I am looking into this aswell: not for scripting but grid calculations: I notice the resulting grid of the calculated value is OFF half a cell as well.

    Why is that and what can I do to force it to have the same grid spacing?

    I did not see the chackbox?


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