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GM V23.0 Not Reading imported dxf & dwg point elevation values (z=0 mRL)???

Hi Folks,

Over the last couple of weeks I've started using V23.0 with no obvious problems except that I've noticed it's not applying elevation values of "POINTS" when imported from dxf and dwg (lines are okay - its points only that seem to be affected).

I've been using GM since V17 and have never had this problem and was wondering if its a bug in the software or my settings have changed somehow (I've checked settings and can't see anything that has changed from before)?

I've attached (in zipped folder) screengrabs of the same point identified in V21.1 & V22.1 with no problem (i.e. elevation = 1020.595 mRL), but V23.0 shows elevation = 0mRL?

I've also attached (in same folder) a clipped dxf of the points to see if anybody else has the same issue? (its to a funky mine site grid, but will open in any geodetic datum/projection).

I'd really appreciate some help with this to avoid switching back and forward between GM versions.



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  • CarrickCon
    Accepted Answer

    FYI - looks like it was a bug that was corrected by Blue Marble Group. Here is their response:

    "The issue where DXF feature elevation values were reverting to 0m was a bug that was reported and discovered shortly after the release of v23.0. We put out a hot fix to resolve this issue quickly after the release. From the screenshot you provided, it looks like you are currently running the release version of 23.0 (b091721), so you should be able to resolve this issue by downloading and installing the latest Daily Build of Global Mapper v23.0.

    Please find the link to download the latest Daily Build by clicking here: "

    All good!



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