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Keeping it in an Arbitrary System

The DSM for a drone flight was created inside Pix4D in an arbitrary coordinate system, I brought it into GM as an orthographic projection and assigned it central lat/long with false easting and northings. When I export the DSM as a GeoTIFF it keeps the assigned projection rather than the original arbitrary system. Unfortunately, Pix4D requires that arbitrary system to be preserved. How can I pull export it under the original arbitrary coordinate system?


  • BMGVictor
    BMGVictor Global Mapper User

    Since there probably isn't a real Coordinate Reference System attached to the image, you could just export the Tiff image without GeoTiff tags. When you export the GeoTiff, there is an option for "ADVANCED: Don't Write GeoTIFF Header" on the dialog:

    This should just "unset" the Coordinate system and leave all of the other TIFF tags in the exported file.

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