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Windows 11?

Is Global Mapper compatible with Windows 11? I got a notification I could upgrade my Windows 10 computer but didn't want to do it if Global Mapper doesn't play well with it.


  • X2 for this question.

    Theoretically there shouldn't be any issues, however there have been compatibility issues noted which have since been fixed with the most recent build.

    I would like to know specifically if Blue Marble have thoroughly tested in W11 before we make the switch though.

  • stewart.peters
    stewart.peters Global Mapper User

    My experience is that there seems to be a delay between ticking a layer to load/unload it. I don't know if this is GM23 or Win11 or both. Changes occurred around the same time.

    It can be quite frustrating since you click it again thinking that you didn't click it!

  • I am still on Windows 10 due to two main reasons:

    - Not all software that is essential is running on Windows 11;

    - Not a straightforward upgrade with different paths you may take and different options to receive.

    I have some overview of my personal experience on my ‘test computer’:

    - Need to get used to interface - OK;

    - CPU performance looks better, in the sense of task manager control; Excel opens better with load; since it is Edge, but not Chrome, it is hard to compare apple-to-apple.

    If one is careful about understanding stated changes with the transition and ok with them, it is worth upgrading. But also worth to follow new upgrades soon, I guess. Too many transitions might come.

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