Global Mapper Pro

Getting error message when using the layout editor. Creates random draw propblems

Error while drawing map layout

Assertion Failed

GlobalMapperState.cpp - 479

Version: v23.0.0 (602) (64-bit)

Build Time: Sep 17 2021 15:07:50

Thread: Main UI Thread

Stack Trace:

0000000140B93550 (global_mapper)

0000000140B94B60 (global_mapper)

000000014106871C (global_mapper)

0000000141069B1E (global_mapper)

00000001403EC5CD (global_mapper)

000000014097E5E9 (global_mapper)

000000014122B1B2 (global_mapper)

0000000140B7FC07 (global_mapper)

0000000140B28CD0 (global_mapper)

0000000140992B4D (global_mapper)

00000001409943D5 (global_mapper)

00000001409918F8 (global_mapper)

00007FFE3C638602 (mfc140)

00007FFE3C637F5F (mfc140)

00007FFE3C635773 (mfc140)

... (15 Additional Stack Items Hidden)

Windows 10 Home (64-bit) Memory: 27,019,857,920 of 34,206,900,224 available, GDI Usage: 526 GDI (Peak 991), 248 User (Peak 392)

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