Global Mapper v25.0

Routing data - intersection & turning points, bend radius

We use GM for our routing of pipelines & other infrastructure. For this it is customary to define the route as a list of turning points (TPs), intersection points (IPs) and the associated bend radius. At present, GM does not allow to input or extract this information directly (I can get TPs indirectly).

It would be a great addition to have this functionality. This can also include user provided limits on bend radius etc. when developing a route.

If there is a go-around within GM (at the moment we rely on other software), or a 'conversion' using existing capability, would be pleased to know more about it.



  • I've also asked the same question about defining a route using the End Points (EP) and IP and radii for planning the routing of subsea cables, O&G pipelines and now CCS pipelines. TP can be computed as function of the intersection angle which is the forward bearing minus backwards bearing.

    Using the CoGo function is a pain but still no answer from BM.

    Your best appoach is to define the EP and IP in GM avoiding the major obstacles, then edit the vertices and copy to clipboard. Read the data into Excel or the like and then import the text file into AutoCAD or similar. Do the route curves and then export back to GM as a shape file.

    I also sent them an e-mail regarding this subject. No answer yet.

  • I agree 100%. I also frequently have to export out to AutoCAD to add horizontal curves and then import back into GM.

    The ability to specify a horizontal curve of a fixed radius (like AutoCAD "Fillet" command) would be a huge improvement to GM's digitizing abilities. Its almost there with the "Combine Line Features" command, but not quite.

    Anybody else feel the same way?