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Distance from point feature to a line feature


How can I extract the perpendicular distance of a point feature from a line feature?

The line feature is a pipeline route (so only 1 of these) and point features are objects to avoid (of which there are many near the route). I want to extract how many of these objects are within, say, 20m of the route (this I have done) but also want to give the distance of the object from the line.

I'm using GM v21.1.


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  • sphillips
    Accepted Answer

    1.     Select the Points and pipeline Feature Line with the Digitizer Tool

    2.     Right-click > Advanced Feature Creation Options > CHAINAGE

    GM will generate a series of perpendicular lines connecting the Points to the Feature Lines. Use Search Search by Attributes, Name, and Description to see or export the LENGTH and CHAINAGE values associated with the new lines.

    Alternatively you can create a 20m buffer around your pipeline Feature Line and use it to select the points within the buffer:

    1.     Select the buffer with the Digitizer Tool

    2.     Right-click > Advanced Selection Options > Select All Points Features Within The Selected Area(s)


  • I had to do the same for an offshore pipeline route this month. I had to ask our draftsman; he was able to do it with AutoCad Civil 3D based on a CSV file with Object-Tag, Easting, Northing.

  • Thanks for your response OCP_Bots.

    @sphillips your first suggestion worked a treat, thanks!

    I had used the second approach you mentioned to narrow it down to within 20m of the line but also needed the exact distance.

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