Global Mapper v25.0

Exporting 3D powerline Vectors

Is there a way to add elevation to extracted powerline vectors? The powerline vectors were extracted from LiDAR data and in the user interface, the vectors mimic the powerline structure, however after exporting them, they no longer contain elevation values and appear below the LiDAR data.

I have used the apply elevation to add elevation to the vertices, but I need the entire vector to have a Z value.

I have been exporting them as a shapefile, is there a different file format that would keep the elevation values for the vectors?


  • Are you selecting the option to include elevations for vertices?

  • Yes I am, but when I load the exported files back in the elevation values do not read and the vectors are flat.

  • After importing back in, select one of your powerlines, right click, and go to Edit Feature Vertices. Do the vertices have elevations? If they DO have elevations, but those elevations are wrong (likely the elevation of your terrain layer versus the actual powerlines), the problem is probably that you're pulling from those terrain elevations when you update your feature elevations or when you export with that menu selection.