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Request to not have MOVE selection as default Dgitizer Tool selection

tfitz2001 Global Mapper UserTrusted User

I can not tell you how many polygons I have ruined due to an errant click or improper selection after pasting a polygon from another layer. The default digitizer tool is set to MOVE after this action, and invariably something will go wrong. It is near the top of the features causing aggravation and loss of productive time.

Could an option to reset the default DT selection be added, or better yet, default natively to just the EDIT cross hair?



  • 946
    946 Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Answer ✓

    Just uncheck this option and it will remain like that.

  • tfitz2001
    tfitz2001 Global Mapper User Trusted User

    @946 Thanks so much! Appreciate you helping me out