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Edit Lidar with Polygon Crop File

I am trying to combine multiple LAZ layers, actually they are different bathymetric surveys that need to be updated into the base layer as the project progresses. I have this working with the Export_Vector command with the following workflow:
1) create boundary around data to import
2) Export the base layer using polygon_crop_file to cut out the area to update
3) Read in the exported LAZ file
4) Export the Cut Laz layer & Layer to be inserted to LAZ file 
5) Read in the combined layer
6) loop to the next boundary and start again.

With a large base layer and a lot of surveys to update into it all the file operations of reading and writing slow the script down. I have tried to use EDIT_LIDAR with a polygon_crop_file but have not succeeded. Is this implemented? As the documentation is far from complete on this subject. If it is is it possible to get a sample command at present i have tried all combinations but to no avail. This is in versions 22.1 & 23.

Also will there be a python scripting reference released with v23?
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