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GCP. Using Ground Control Points for DTM/DSM correction.

Hi GM Team,  I am aware that with the GM Pixels to Point Tool is able to correct the XYZ in a data point cloud by adding GCPs into the data set in GM. However I am importing an already created Digital Surface Map from Pix4D into Globalmapper and wondering if the Pixels to Point tool is also able to correct the DSM as well. Or how can this be done otherwise?

I am also aware this is a function within Pix4D, however it often gives some distortion and inaccuracies from previous survey data sets done in Pix4D.   The issue with Pix4D is I am also not able to import DFX/DWG site plans and previous generated contour DFX/DWG files into it to improve the XY and Z adjustments I need.  Whereas this is all doable in GM.

From what I know I can generate a DTM from the point cloud in GM, however the resolution is not always as accurate as what I have being generated in Pix4D.  So my objective for accuracy and faster workflow is to be able to adjust the DSM's I generate from Pix4D using Globalmapper and by using GCP or whatever other methods this can be achieved by. 


Appreciate any advice how this can be done.

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