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How to batch export GMG grid/point files with M instead of mm?

GMG files are in mm. THey are nice and fast to use when dealing with big data sets. When you export individual files from GM to say XYZ or Surfergrid, you can select meters as the export format. 
When you do the same with batch exporter, there is no way to export in M. it defaults to the GBG preset (mm) and when i import my files in fledermaus, QGIS etc, the files are in mm (vertical). 

Anyway to batch process GBG files without this issue?


  • most of the other software I use, cannot differentiate between mm and M on import, so i get some crazy relief

  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,328

    The Batch Convert screen has a drop-down list where you can pick the vertical units to use. You can choose "Source Unit" or a specific unit, such as meters. Is this not working for you?

  • OMG, how come i didnt see that all afternoon? I have been exporting grids 1 by 1 all day ... thanks! save!
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