Global Mapper v24.1

Fiji datum

Hi, I'm having weird problems switching between different datums.

I have original point and line data that is projected in UTM zone 60 WGS84 and i'm trying to transform it to Fiji Map Grid, Fiji 1986 datum (epsg 3460). Fiji 1986 datum is supposed to be the same as WGS72. But when I do the transformations, I notice a difference of a few hundred meters between Fiji 1986 datum and WGS72.

Has anyone seen this before?



  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    This sounds like it might be a bug. I suggest that you contact Blue Marble Support directly via email ( Please provide a detailed description of your workflow, along with a point in UTM Zone 60 WGS84 and the expected result when it is transformed to Fiji Map Grid, Fiji 1986 (EPSG 3460). Thank you.