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Global Mapper Pro v23.0 Beta Update!

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The Beta for v23 and Global Mapper Pro is Updated! You will have access to the beta release starting today with a license that is valid until September 15, 2021. You can contact the Blue Marble testing team by email at with questions or concerns.

Follow the link below to download a copy of v23 and Global Mapper Pro with the beta license:

Below is a list of the new features implemented in Global Mapper v23. Please read the list carefully as some of the items include special instructions and requests. 

Release Notes for Global Mapper Pro 23.0 Beta:

  • Curvature Grid Creation **NEW

    • In the Analysis Menu a new option for Create Curvature Grid from Terrain Layers has been added that includes 5 methods to choose from

  • Vector Feature Classification Method **NEW

    • In the Right click Layer Options menu, in the Styles tab under Apply Styling Based on Attribute/Name Values we have added a classify button. This Opens our new Classify Vector Features menu

  • Support for in-app Script writing and editing 

    • Go to File>Run Script to open your Global Mapper script in the Editor

    • Go to File>Open Script Editor to begin with a blank Editing Field

  • Support for Python Scripting **See Starred Section below for Installation instructions

    • Go to> File>Run Script and select your .py file

    • Go to File>Open Script Editor to begin writing your Python Script in the app

    • External Python script functionality  **NEW -Users with a Pro license (included in beta), and with Python installed as required, can write and run Python scripts for Global Mapper outside of Global Mapper

  • Spatial Operations Updates

    • Lines and Points are now included in Spatial Operations

    • Predicates now have options for adding or removing results to a selection rather than making a new layer. Which can be found in the Predicates dropdown in the Results section of the Spatial Operations Dialog.

    • New Scripting Syntax for isolating Valid or Invalid Features: valid( <feature collection> ) and invalid( <feature collection> ) 

    • New Scripting Syntax for optional results[ ] parameter(s): result-specifier --> 'results' feature-filter, feature-filter --> '[' feature-type-list ']', feature-type-list --> feature-type [ ',' feature-type* ], feature-type --> 'points' | 'lines' | 'areas'

    • New Scripting Syntax for creating a new layer from the current selection: 'selection-function' --> selection | selection '[' feature-filter ']', feature-filter --> '[' feature-type-list ']', feature-type-list --> feature-type [ ',' feature-type* ], feature-type --> 'points' | 'lines' | 'areas'

    • New Advanced Feature Creation option to create Points at intersection of Areas/Lines. Right click selected features > go to Advanced Feature Creation Options > Create Points at Intersections of Area/Line Features

  • Building / Vegetation Auto-Classification Algorithm Improvements

    • Run the Auto Classification and Extraction from the Lidar toolbar and let us know if your results are improved

    • Some settings have been made redundant by the Algorithm Improvements and have been removed from the dialogs

  • New Lidar Segmentation tool now available on the Automatic Lidar Toolbar (Button is placeholder)

    • The Segmentation Algorithms that run behind the scenes in our Auto Classification tool are now exposed. Fine tune your segmentation to fit your lidar data set.

    • Attribute settings for Segmentation are weighted for more accurate results

    • Segments can be displayed by selecting Segment from the Lidar Draw Mode Dropdown

    • Segments are selectable for easy manual classification. Use the Segment Selection mode for the Digitizer. Simply activate the mode using the button next to the Segmentation tool, or Select a point in the segment you want>Right click>Advanced Selection Options>Select all Lidar Returns in Selected Segment(s)

  • New Create Area Feature from raster data with Smooth and Simplify

    • Using color information or Slope of raster terrain, this tool can extract vector features from raster data, plus it smooths, and simplifies

    • Go to the Layer file menu>Create Area Features with Smooth, Simplify

  • New RTK and NTRIP Client Support

    • Use the new built-in NTRIP Client to connect directly to your correction source for RTK enabled units. Specify your source connection parameters in the RTK section of the GPS Setup window to connect. Once connected, corrections will be sent to your device via RTCM. The device will then send the corrected location information back via NMEA. This can be done either wired or via Bluetooth, depending on your device. If you're using a Bluetooth device you may need to confirm it's COM port in Windows Bluetooth settings

  • Automatic Breakline Extraction From Terrain

    • This tool Can be found in the Analysis menu>Generate Breaklines (from Terrain Grid)

    • This tool would benefit from testing against a variety of terrain data. Customers are encouraged to contact the Beta Team with any data that presents a challenge for this tool

  • New 3D labels 

    • Labels created on a Label Layer in Global Mapper can now be viewed in 3D. To convert labels to a Label Layer simply Right Click your data layer and select Layer>Create Label Layer

    • To Turn on the 3D label functionality, go to Configuration>3D View Properties>Data Display and check the box for Show 3D Labels

  • Undo

    • Use Control Z to undo multiple levels of progress across a multitude of tools in Global Mapper

    • Use the Manage Undo/Redo menu found in the Edit dropdown to see your list of recent operations and adjust your Undo settings

**Python Installation for Global Mapper

  1. Install python Version 3.9

  2. Set the path. Use the Windows search bar and enter “Environmental variables” Select the option Edit the System Environment Variables

  3. On the System Properties Window select Environment Variables 

  4. On the Environment Variables Window Find the Variable named Path, Select Path and choose Edit

If you have reported an issue to our Support Team in an earlier version of Global Mapper, please attempt to reproduce your error.

Reporting an Error

If you encounter any errors, please contact and include the following information:

  • Description of the error/undesirable behavior

  • Workflow to reproduce the error

  • Data used (or sample/dummy data in the case of any proprietary datasets)

  • Report error messages with as much available text as can be copied, or a screenshot.

Your participation is greatly appreciated. Thank you for continuing to help improve Global Mapper.


  • geomannie
    geomannie Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Can you elucidate on forthcoming differences between Globalmapper v23.0 and Globalmapper v23.0 Pro? Thanks
  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    The Pro Module includes everything from the current Lidar Module, plus some additional functionality. Here is a link to a description of the new functions, plus the sign-up form for a sneak-preview webinar scheduled for later in August.

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