Global Mapper v25.0

Arbitrary surface creation

Hi all.  I have a large pit void out of the top of a hill that I have modelled.  The client has requested an estimate of the total volume of material removed from the original surface profile.  I therefor need to recreate a dome shape above the pit void.  Any ideas how to do this in GM please?


  • Hi MartecA,

    I sometimes face the same problem. You need to create original ground contours above the pit void. Ideally you will have these from a pre-mining survey or perhaps from a public domain source (SRTM?). If not, you can create approximate contours by examining adjacent un-mined slopes and assuming that the area over the pit has similar slopes. However you should note that this will only give you a rough estimate.

    If you could post the DTM/elevation grid that you are using I may be able to help you better.


  • Thank you Al.