Global Mapper v25.0

Export features by lat/lon.

Is it possible to automate global mapper to export loaded features points by lat/lon. I got a huge number of point shapes that I like to break them into each individual shape files by geocell.


  • Hi Eric,

    Good question!

    I've never needed to do what you are asking, but have you looked at the "Tiling" tab on the all the Export Option Menus (see screenshot attached)? Conceivably you could then "tile" your data by lat/lon cell, modify tile height & width to suit ,or use "Use Selected Area Feature(s) for Tiles". 

    Alternatively I think you'd have to re-create your lat/lon grid as a number of Areas and then crop vector data within each and then export. That would be laborious.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks CarrickCon. I had forgotten about this export option. However I still need to break each geocell into smaller blocks but still be abler to identify that shape file came from which geocell.