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attaching depth/elevation to vertices of a measurment

TomerTomer Global Mapper UserPosts: 6
Hello! Using GM to analyze and plan bathymetric mapping with multibeam. while planning, I often use the measurement tool to plan the ship's survey lines for the next mapping segment. I try to estimate the spacing between the lines and kinda eyeball them at 4x estimated water depth as that is the rule of thumb for multibeam swath coverage.

It would be hugely helpful if:
(1) we could get the vertices of the measurement line to extract the depth at that location
(2) AND then add an option to the buffer tool to calculate the width as 4x the depth (e.g.)

(3) maybe even develop a dedicated toolbar for multibeam stuff??? saw another thread about ingesting MB-system data as well

If anyone has insight and tips and this kind of usage please share!

Thanks all  - GM is the best


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  • KatrinaKatrina Posts: 30
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    Hi Tomer, 
    There is not currently functionality to automatically add height to a measurement, you will have to do it in a few steps. In the measure tool you can right click and save the measurement to a line. Then select it with the digitizer, and right click to Analysis/Measurement > Apply Elevations to Selected Features. 
    The buffer tool can use an attribute for the width, but first you will have to calculate 4X the depth using the attribute calculator

    In terms of the path planning, you may also want to take a look at the create perpendicular lines tool, if you want to automatically generate the passes, then just connect them: Create Perpendicular Lines Spaced Along... 

    I have created an enhancement request GM-12359 to see if we can streamline this workflow as you have suggested. There is a lot of overlap with this and UAS flight planning, which we have been looking into creating more tools for. 


  • TomerTomer Global Mapper User Posts: 6
    Thank you Katrina that is helpful. I will try it.
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