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Automatic exclusion of areas included in another area

VincentVincent Global Mapper UserPosts: 34Trusted User
I have shape files representing the lidar survey coverage. The outer limits of the shape represent the coverage limit. Some areas ("daughter areas") are sometimes present within another area ("mother area"): these "daughter areas" are totally included in the "mother area" and correspond to coverage holes. Unfortunately the "mother" and "daughter areas" are all unclassified, no attribute allows me to distinguish them. So I want to script a command to automatically identify all the areas included ("daughter areas") in another (mother area) in order to identify them as islands and remove them from the mother area.
The EDIT_VECTOR REMOVE_ISLANDS=YES command does not work, I suppose I need to identify first the overlapping areas to mark the "daughter areas" as islands.
The "Find Overlapping Features" command available in the GUI (did not find it in the script library) does not help as it identifies the "daughter areas" but also the "mother area".
I'm stuck and I'm probably taking the problem the wrong way around!
Thanks for your help

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