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How to mirror/flip/reflect a line

sarahmunfordsarahmunford Global Mapper UserPosts: 8
I've created a curved line (similar to an S shape) which I'd like to flip so it's a mirror image of the original line - how do I do this?




  • CarrickConCarrickCon Posts: 72
    Hi Sarah,

    I am unaware of any way to do this currently in GM 22.1, even with a clever workaround... You can move, offset and rotate a line but not mirror as far as I know.

    Its a piece of cake in AutoCAD if you have a colleague or a friend that uses it and you can export/import your S shaped line as dwg or dxf.

    Hope this helps. 
  • sarahmunfordsarahmunford Global Mapper User Posts: 8

    I was worried that might be the case. At least I can stop wasting time searching now.


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