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3d terrain view hack using Google Earth

JSLJSL Global Mapper UserPosts: 444Trusted User
I thought I'd share this because I rarely use the 3D viewer because it takes such a long time to load and is clumsy for me to manipulate.  I wanted to get a 3D view of a river through a mountain, so I exported the SRTM layer as a KMZ image-only file, then opened it in Google Earth, and voila, there is a lovely, easily manipulated 3D model of the area:

Here is the original Global Mapper view:

Here is the original Google Earth view without the KMZ overlay:

And here is the Google Earth view with the Global Mapper overlay--I can easily move this around and fade the transparency of the overlay:



  • 946946 Global Mapper User Posts: 166Trusted User
    You can even export the entire geoid model, egm2008, and with some vertical exaggeration in Global Mapper, the result is quite amazing :)

    1.JPG 255.4K
    2.JPG 203.5K
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