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Option to open Surpac .str and .dtm files


Working in mining I frequently have clients send me .str and .dtm files that they have generated in Surpac which is very common (and expensive!) mining software here in Australia (see for details).

Given its cost I don't own Surpac but would very much like to be able to open such files in GM (V22.1). Can anyone open these files currently in GM or could these file formats please be added as part of a future version? 


P.S. I tried attaching sample .str and .dtm files to this post, but the interface wouldn't allow me to do for some reason??? I'm happy to email samples to anyone that private messages me...


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  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer
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    I have opened a feature request (GM-12242) so we can look into adding support for those Surpac file types. If you put the sample files in a ZIP archive, you should be able to upload them.



  • Thanks Bob, that would be awesome and would stop me frequently bugging Clients to resend their data as dxf or dwg!

    I have attached a zip file containing small example .str and .dtm files. These should import into any cartesian/grid system but are for a project in Western Australia with datum/projection = GDA94/MGA 51.

  • Just following up on this?

    Still a pain that we can't open Surpac (.str and .dtm) files in Global Mapper... ☹️

    Its inclusion would be greatly appreciated!



  • Any update on this GM HQ?

  • I also work in Mining and encounter Surpac .str and .dtm files all the time, so I would also find this very useful.

  • This would be much appreciated. I am always trying to convince my colleagues that they should purchase GlobalMapper as it is a workhorse and can convert almost any filetype. Sadly surpac files are not in yet!