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Why getting a 50m Shift when loading WMTS data

while loading WMTS imagery (GoogleMapsImagery) I got about 50m shift (in North West direction) , Noting that:

  • Projection/ Datum : Google Maps Sphere radius 6378137
  • (Mercator / Google /meter)

How to correct this shift or avoid it and Why ??

thanks for help ..


  • About what data appear shift?
    Sorry for my English.
  • geomannie
    geomannie Global Mapper User Trusted User
    Sorry, but there is no easy answer. You have a mismatch between 2 datasets but knowing why without knowing the sources of the data is impossible. It is likely a datum issue. For example, are you sure that the data you are loading over the WMTS imagery (GoogleMapsImagery) is opened using the correct specification? It is always worth checking.

    If the WMTS data are from a Google server then without further information I would suggest that they are correct. If not a Google server, then you might go back to the source and ask for further details.
  • It could be even worse, if another dataset is shifted too, primordial.