Global Mapper v24.0

Shift of the base map

I have base map which I added it through web map service but there are shift 30 m in west 
Could you help me to fix it 


  • geomannie
    geomannie Global Mapper User Trusted User
    If you rightclick on the base map layer in the Overlay Control Centre, you will see an option to shift the layer a fixed distance. Using this, you can move your base map 30m east.

    I hope this helps.
  • Thanks for your comment
     I tried to shift by this way but doesn't work
  • geomannie
    geomannie Global Mapper User Trusted User
    I see what you mean. If you are sure that it is the web map service  that is wrong, you could try exporting a section as an image (ECW is good) and then correcting the image by shifting it using the technique described above. Unfortunately, image export can be a very slow through GM.
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