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Create a pond from lidar data holes.

This may be a basic question as I am new to global mapper. So I have lidar data with holes it it. These areas of no lidar data represent ponds. Is there a way to create pond polygons for the no data areas? I seem to remember seeing it on a youtube video but can't find it now. Thanks in advance.


  • geomanniegeomannie Global Mapper User Posts: 235Trusted User
    That's a very good question which had me thinking. I too have lidar data with holes. My back of an envelope solution is to go Options, Alter Elevation Values and clamp the invalid data to a value egregiously outwith the terrain elvation. The invalid areas should now show in a striking colour, assuming your lidar grid is shaded.

    I then created contours at an appropriate level (e.g. 1m). You can now copy the contours that appear around the "holes" using the Digitiser tool, move them to a new layer and then convert them to polygons. There is doubtless an easier way but I do not know it.

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