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Elevation plot with two independent axes and distinct units

Hello there,

Two ideas.

It is neat that when several profiles are drawn, the plot displays them all with customizable colors. But in one of my dreams I could see even more.

-  I frequently use data with two series of values which are very different. For instance, I would like to compare evolution of surface permittivity with elevation. The scale of permittivity is 1 to 80, in general 1-10. Topography can vary by hundreds or thousands of meters. Obviously, when I plot both, permittivity is a flat line at 0 and only topography is seen to vary. It would be terrific to have an option that can set a second vertical scale for the plot. For instance, there would be a box in which (1) the bounding values of two vertical axes, left and right, could be specified, and (2) I would specify which data series use the left axis and which one use and the right axis. For elevation I would enter something like [-1000] [+2000], and that would be for topography on the left. I would enter [1] and [10] for permittivity, to be displayed on the right.

- This goes to another very useful option that might be developed. It is not always possible to specify the correct unit for Y. There is a trick to do this in the main window, by removing the distance unit in the vertical scale in the Elevation Legend, and adding the correct unit as the legend title. But it doe snot seem possible in a plot, which needs to include a distance. It woud be useful to be able to specify a vertical unit in the pot indow which is not a distance. It could be a temperature, pressure, etc.


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