Global Mapper v25.0

Select the 'flat' parts of a waste rock dump and get the surface areas.

I need the 3D surface area of the 'flat' portion of a waste rock dump (top of lifts), and the 'slope' 3D areas.  I am sure that previously I have selected the flat areas of a waste rock dump (between lifts) from my gridded DEM using something like, 'select areas with same elevation'  and then get the area of this selection.  I then subtracted the flat area from the total area to get the 'slope' area.  I can't seem to find it any more! How did I manage this last time?


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    It sounds like you may have used Layer -> Create Area Features from Equal Values.

  • @bmg_bob Hi Bob, thanks, yes I found this option but it doesn't seem to do what I need.  I am almost certain it was a 'select' action.  I might have created an intermediate layer from my DEM...