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GM can't import large ESRI TIN

I have a 5GB ESRI TIN file that I want to import into GM and then export out LandXMLs in 1km tiles. I was successful with
the DTM product, but I am unable to import the DSM product without getting the following error:

TIN Loading fine, but can't get the the "Read Attributes" progress bar:


It looks to be a memory error. I have 64GB or RAM, so am confused why it's struggling.

Is there a way to run geoprocesses on data without loading it into GM? Like a model builder or python console like ArcGIS?

1.PNG 6.1K
2.PNG 27.7K


  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,301

    Are you able to successfully import smaller Esri TIN files? 
    Have you tried downloading the latest version to see if your file can be imported?

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