Global Mapper v25.0

Building generation LOD0 to LOD1


I'm creating a workflow to generate LOD1 Buildings from shape files (LOD0). To do this I use DSM data and add the height to the shapes. The issue with this workflow is that the shapes become slanted between every point of the shape like the picture below:

What I would like to do is to flatten each shape to the heighest point in the shape. I've deviced a workflow to do this in a 3D software, but for future development I would like to do this in GM (or another GIS software). Is it possible to do this in Global Mapper? Could it be scriptable? Here's an example of the end result from 3D software:

The end goal is to create 3D models of cities in CityGML/CityJSON. Is there any plans to add support for exporting any of these formats from GM?


  • I've got help from Global mapper support with the following solution:

    Start by removing the per vertex elevations for all the features, and then with them still selected use the digitizer menu option Attribute/Style Functions > Calculate Elevation/Slope Stats for Selected Features. When prompted choose not to create point features at the min/max points in each area. 


    Looking at the attributes for the features you should now see many new attributes including MIN_ELEV, MAX_ELEV, and AVG_ELEV. To use one of these attributes as the single elevation attribute, open the layer options and on the Elevations tab select the desired attribute from the Get 'Elevations' From Attribute Value drop down.