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GM script about "create point features spaced along selected features"

suzukisuzuki Global Mapper UserPosts: 12
i got several 3D shp file ( line or area type)
and i hope to create points along the shp boundary line with every fixed distance (10 cm)
i find a very good GM defalut tool (Advanced Feature Creation options/create point features spaced along selected features)
as attached image

but  i can't find any GM script language to do this process in batch.

that's my Question

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Best Answer

  • bmg_bobbmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer Posts: 2,328
    edited April 1 Answer ✓

    Use the EDIT_VECTOR command, and include the parameter called CREATE_POINTS_ALONG_FEATURES. The value is the spacing in meters. (Specify a negative number to create that number of points, spaced evenly along the feature.) Here is an example illustrating how to add evenly spaced points every 200 meters along the features containing a CLASS attribute with a value of '1'. Point features will also be created at the end point, and at each current vertex:
    It appears that the CREATE_POINTS_ALONG_FEATURES is not described in the documentation, although there is an example that illustrates how to use it. We will have to fix that.

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