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How do I get surface area of 3D shape?

I have created an elevation grid for waste rock dump on a mine .  I want the 3D surface area of this shape (not the footprint area).  I thought this would be easy but I can't see a way to do it.

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  • CarrickCon
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    Hi dwsf, select bounding shape around toe of dump (or crest of pit for that matter) and right click to select Analysis/Measurement and then select Pile Volume. Done. See attached screengrabs 1 & 2.



  • P.S. Forgot to say that in the case of a "Pile" i.e. an above ground landform the volume, 2D area and 3D area are shown as "CUT" because that's the volume or area that would have to be "cut away" to bring landform back down to flat ground (the inverse would be true for a Pit and the parameters would be shown as FILL).

    Suggest you watch these excellent GM webinars:


    (both  cover a lot of the same material, but first one is for V21 and second one for V16 - the workflow is more or less the same however).

  • Thank you so much, worked like a charm! Cheers Al!
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