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Chainage (Scale Start Distance) in Profile view incorrect/not updating

Hi Guys,

I really like the new ability on V22.1 to adjust the Scale Start Distance as I have times when I absolutely need the chainage to increase right to left across the screen in BOTH the plan and profile views. I can now do this by adding the "negative length" of the road (pipeline, channel or whatever) in the Path Profile Settings (see screenshot 1 attached).

In this example the haul road is 15.040 km long and starts (Ch 0m) on the RHS/east side of the screen. In order to get both the plan and profile chainages to increase right to left (i.e. east to west) I add "-15.040 km" to the Scale Start Distance dialogue box. 

 However I've noticed that the chainages in the profile view don't update when you zoom in on the profile ((see screenshot 2 attached). In this example I have zoomed in on Ch 14,000m, but the profile chainage shows approx. 13,250m.

Is this a big fix and could it perhaps be captured in a daily update?

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