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Is it possible to edit raster data?

Hi there,

First-time poster so please be gentle :) I'm new to Global Mapper and I was wondering if it was possible to directly edit GeoTIFF data. I know it is possible to change the Index or RGB values of ALL pixels in a GeoTIFF, but what I want to do is select specific pixels in an area of a GeoTIFF and change the raster values of only the pixels in my selection. Is this possible? Note that I'm using Global Mapper v20.


  • bmg_bob
    bmg_bob Global Mapper Programmer

    Welcome to the Global Mapper Forum.

    You can use the Raster Calculator to modify pixel values within an area feature, but there is not a function to select a pixel and change it. 

    The Raster Calculator includes the option to create a custom formula in which you could incorporate an 'IF' function. In theory, it should then be possible to create a new raster layer by identifying pixels that match a specified color and edit just those. A simpler alternative might be to create a rectangle coinciding with the pixel in question (use the create area features from equal values tool), apply the required color as a fill with no boundary, and export a new raster making sure to include loaded vector features in the output raster file.

  • Thanks very much for your reply Bob. Ideally, I was after a tool that could select a whole area (much like a selection tool in any graphics package) and simply change the colour of all pixels in the raster layer rather than working with individual pixels or creating features in many places in the image, however it doesn't seem like this is available.
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