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Global Mapper 22.1 Beta Build Update

Hello Global Mapper Forum users,

The beta testing period for v22.1 of Global Mapper is still running, and we've just posted a new build with several fixes for issues that have been found. The beta build has an embedded license that is valid until February 17th, should you choose to participate. Please use this time to thoroughly test the software, with a specific focus on the newly added functionality.  You can contact the Blue Marble testing team by email at with questions, concerns, or if you need more information.

Follow the link below to download a copy of v22.1 with the beta license:

This version includes many new and improved capabilities, most of which were added based on ongoing requests and suggestions from users. Below is a list of the new features implemented in Global Mapper v22.1. Please read the list carefully as some of the items include special instructions and requests. 

Global Mapper and LiDAR Module 22.1 Beta Release Notes:

  • Multiple Terrain Painting Improvements: These changes include new Trace Modes that emulate “painting” more accurately, and Slope options that can be applied to all the brush types.
  • Building Regularization for Lidar Feature Extraction: A new setting that allows the option to regularize the building footprints by snapping points along lines based on nearly parallel and perpendicular segments rather than Simplifying them through the removal of points. 
  • Additional Spatial Operations/Predicates: New Operations are: Union, Difference, Symmetric Difference, Intersects, Overlaps, Touches, Contains, Equals, Within, and Disjoint.
  • Additional Formats: IFC (Industry Foundation Class)
  • Scene Clustering support for Pixels to Points: Split the input images up into batches to allow higher resolution jobs to run on smaller machines. Needs more data variation for testing. Please send test data donations to 
  • Target Camera control for 3D navigation: The Z key now snaps the camera Pivot to selected data or location on terrain. Camera Dolly by zooming in is disabled until the camera is panned away from targeted selection.
  • Saving Views in 3D: A dropdown menu has been added to the 3D toolbar with the option to “Save New View”. This option will preserve the current location, rotation and zoom level of the 3D camera and add it to the dropdown list for later use. Saved Views can be edited from the “View Management” option in the same dropdown. Saved 3D views will persist in Global Mapper Workspaces only.

If you have reported an issue to our Support Team in an earlier version of Global Mapper, please attempt to reproduce your error.

Reporting an Error:

If you encounter any errors, please contact and include the following information:

  • Description of the error/undesirable behavior
  • Workflow to reproduce the error
  • Data used (or sample/dummy data in the case of any proprietary datasets)
  • Error messages reported, with as much available text as can be copied, or a screenshot.
  • Expected behavior

Including as much of this information as possible will ensure that we can get a detailed report to our development team and resolve your issue promptly. Updated builds will be released throughout the beta testing period, so if you encounter a problem that stops your testing, we’ll try to get a fix out as soon as possible.

Your participation is greatly appreciated. Thank you for continuing to help improve Global Mapper.


The Blue Marble Geographics Team

22 Carriage Lane

Hallowell, ME 04347 USA

Phone: +1 (207) 622-4622

Toll-Free: (800) 616-2725

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